October 23, 2012—Mondays are typically grueling for most people going back to work but yesterday took the cake. Amazon’s Elastic Cloud Compute network in North Virginia experienced a variety of technical issues Monday causing a full-blown outage for many major businesses that are hosted by amazon or otherwise dependent on the amazon cloud.

While it may seem like Amazon is just a shopping destination, in reality, they are so much more. Amazon Web Services (AWS) is one of the world’s largest cloud-computing providers due to their extremely competitive hosting prices. Because most companies rely on third-party sites to run their servers, Amazon’s outrage caused the “perfect storm” Monday taking down hundreds of sites in a matter of minutes and leaving many businesses unable to access crucial services they rely on.

Even social-media sites were affect by the outage as the likes of  Pinterest, Reddit, and Foursquare experienced connectivity issues during the outage. Well-known third-party sites for Amazon sellers like Kabbage, Appeagle, and Payvment were hit especially hard as all of these services use Amazon Cloud Services.

Zee Mehler, Director of Marketing for Appeagle.com, expressed major concern today for their customers saying, “Appeagle has been using AWS because it provides a number of tools that enabled us to offer quality service to thousands of Amazon sellers. Unfortunately, this outage seriously impacted our users and Amazon itself by shutting down the ability for hundreds of thousands of price changes to go through. This cost Amazon merchants sales and Buy Boxes and we are, of course, never happy when that happens. We are confident that moving forward Amazon will repair whatever creates this issue and continue to provide a consistent service.”

While Amazon continues to work to fix the issues, users can find updates and statuses using this site.