October 10, 2012–Since the dawn of the internet, the sport of online shopping has worked in only two ways—Either you pay the listed price for an item and receive it, or you don’t and receive nothing. Unlike flea markets or garage sales, haggling has never played a major role with online shopping except for maybe the occasional Craigslist ad. That may soon be ending as Amazon’s new patent idea in the form of an online haggling system could soon be on its way.

Online haggling system? Amazon.com has filed for a patent that would create a first-of-its-kind system to allow buyers and sellers the ability to intermingle with one another and freely make offers and counteroffers on items until both parties agreed. Although eBay has a similar service called “Best Offer” where buyers can make their own offers, Amazon.com is looking to revolutionize the buying and selling experience online with their new patent. Along with their haggling system, Amazon would propose a rating system for both buyers and sellers based on flexibility, average closing prices, and how likely either side is to drop a deal before it’s done.

With the Holiday season rapidly closing in, this haggle feature could become a must-have for marketplace buyers as more and more people look to save money during this extremely expensive time of year.