Decemeber 10, 2012—The names for holiday shopping days just keeps getting better. First we hve Black Friday, which signifies the crazy shopping day after Thanksgiving. Then someone coined the term Cyber Monday, which is equivalent to Black Friday but designated for online shopping. And now, we have Green Monday. Although most shoppers are not aware of yet another named shopping day, Green Monday falls on the second Monday in December and is quickly catching on for ecommerce.

Although Green Monday hasn’t reached the authority of Black Friday or Cyber Monday, the metrics firm comScore said Green Monday spending in 2010 reached $954 million and $1.1 billion in 2011. According to comScore, Green Monday is the third-busiest online shopping day of the season. Mega retail-chain Walmart had its highest traffic day last year on Green Monday for the shopping season and they plan to capitalize this year with a number of online-only sales and specials only available on December 10th.

Green Monday isn’t only busy for shoppers either. Shipping service FedEX announced it expects to move 19 million packages on December 10th. FedEX also announced their shipment cutoff date for packages to reach homes by Christmas is 12/17. For overnight services, packages need to be shipping on or before 12/22. For UPS, the cutoff date for ground packages is Dec. 20th.

Do you buy items online specifically on shopping dates like Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Green Monday?