January 11, 2013—Buy.com is changing their name. The online marketplace is changing their name to Rakuten.com Shopping and starting January 31, the Buy.com URL will be redirected to Rakuten.com. The biggest difference sellers can expect is a switch in their storefront hosting which will now be hosted by Rakuten.com shopping. Even with the name change, the global marketplace will continue to support U.S. merchants and goods, and still offer over 3.2 million products with the Buy.com brand.

Buy.com is a worldwide marketplace with operations throughout Asia, Western Europe, and North and South America. Since Rakuten acquired Buy.com in 2010, the company has undergone a gradual transition with the biggest change happening to Buy.com’s homepage. Rakuten.com Shopping plans to expand the rebranding as an international storefront available to all shoppers

Rakuten.com Shopping plans to roll out a series of new ecommerce features and tools for third-party sellers that include video services, social-media integrations, live-chat and direct email capabilities. When asked about the new features, COO and CMO of Rakuten.com Shopping Bernard Luthi said, “Video has a big influence on purchasing. Between reviews and demos and enhancing the mobile experience, video is bringing products to life in new ways for the online shopper.”

Although Buy.com will be no more, third-party sellers will continue to receive the same benefits including customizable shops, participation at Rakuten’s live Expo, and training through Rakuten University and insignts with ecommerce consultants.

Rakuten founder and CEO Hiroshi Mikitani will be giving a keynote address at the Internet Retailer Conference in Chicago in June.