January 14, 2013—Etsy is celebrating a milestone. The online marketplace of handmade and vintage goods just announced their first-ever month of over $100 million in merchandise sales in November 2012, smashing last year’s record of $60.3 million. Holiday shoppers were in full effect this year as Etsy sellers sold around $105.6 million in goods in November, 75% higher than the previous year, and 28.9% higher than October 2012.

With almost 3 million new listings, Etsy attracted 70% more new members in
November 2012 with over 1.1 million new users joining the site. Traffic to the Etsy marketplace grew 22% year over year as Etsy recorded 1.58 billion page views compared to 1.3 billion in November 2011.

Earlier this month, Etsy confirmed they would continue to invest in paid ads on
Google Shopping, which has helped generate over 14 million visits in the past 3 months. “In order to proceed with evaluating these ads as an added marketing channel for our sellers,” Etsy said, “we’ve decided to continue purchasing them on behalf of our sellers for at least the first half of 2013, with the same terms as before.”