October 26, 2012—For years eBay.com clinched tightly to shipping methods through USPS and UPS by incorporating them into their single label printing flow. Now, eBay is finally adding FedEx to the mix. eBay announced earlier this week they are currently running a pilot program for select sellers that will allow them to print FedEx labels for orders. This is great news for eBay sellers as more and more sellers are looking for convenient and fast shipping options.

eBay plans to run the test pilot program until the end of the year and begin full availability to all users starting the first quarter of 2013. Sellers will soon be able to print FedEx labels directly from eBay’s single label pricing flow. To access this feature, sellers can simply go to their My eBay and find the FedEx selection there. Although FedEx will not be included in eBay’s shipping calculator during the pilot program, they are currently working on additional features with FedEx that will become available to sellers in the first quarter of 2013. Like the name says, eBay’s shipping calculator automatically provides sellers with accurate shipping cost to buyers based on their location.

Spokesmen for eBay also noted that eBay will not add the FedEx label-printing capability to PayPal as this feature focuses mainly on eBay.