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Home Depot Buys Ecommerce Repricing Service BlackLocus


December 19, 2012—First, Home-Depot included PayPal as a service method at checkouts and now, they’ve acquire BlackLocus, the ecommerce pricing engine. Rodrigo Carvalho, owner of BlackLocus which helps retailers respond to competitive pricing changes and pricing conversions, made the announcement earlier this week that his company was sold to The Home Depot. Internet pricing and […]

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WisePricer and Magento Unite!


WisePricer–In addition to their long list of supported platforms, now supports Magento shopping carts! As one of the most popular eCommerce platforms, offering compatible sync with Magento was our next logical step. Online retailers can now enjoy the capabilities of Magento with WisePricer’s intelligent repricing tool. With this added compatibility, Magento users can reprice in […]

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Pricing your Products– Does Psychological Pricing Work?


There are many things consumers consider when making a purchase. Some may be rational, looking for the best quality or value, and some a bit ‘non-rational’ or driven by the lowest price or quantity of what they are buying. With every shopper looking for something different, a few different psychological pricing strategies can be used to […]

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