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eBay UK Moving Ticket Category to StubHub


January 21, 2013—eBay’s UK ticket category is no more. The online marketplace has officially closed its UK ticket category and will soon be redirecting shoppers to its subsidiary StubHub instead. eBay plans to transition buyers to StubHub by advertising the ticket site on and then redirecting ticket-shoppers in the spring. According to the Financial […]

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Weather Conditions Impacting eBay UK Deliveries


January 18, 2013—eBay is giving UK sellers the benefit of the doubt. Earlier this week eBay issued a warning to users that harsh weather conditions in parts of the UK may affect postage delivery times. advised sellers to “manage buyer expectations” by updating them on possible weather-related delays. The Royal Mail website confirmed severe […]

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Business Outsourcing–Philippines Beats Out India and China as Global Shoring Location


January 8, 2013–Recently, the Philippines was ranked as the top global shoring locations for Business Process Outsourcing beating India and China.  This is according to a report by multinational real estate advisor Jones Lang LaSalle based on the number of jobs made by investing corporations in shared contact centers, service centers and technical support centers […]

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