September 25, 2012—Last year around this time Amazon’s subsidiary launched a new app for iphones called Amazon Flow. The app enables users to scan a product through a live camera that uses both barcodes and image recognition to identify products. Once the image is identified, the app displays product information including customer reviews and seller pricing. Amazon Flow is available for iPhones, iPads and just recently Androids.

Just like taking a picture with your smartphone, Amazon’s Flow works exactly the same as you simply hold your phone over a product or UPC barcode until the app visually recognizes it. The app will then display Amazon’s product information and details as well as any shopping features, customer reviews, ratings, and sharing options via Twitter, Facebook, or email. Amazon Flow will
even decode QR codes so customers can link to web addresses, get email addresses, phone numbers, and any other embedded information. So how would this app help FBA sellers? The answer is simple.

First thing third-party sellers need to know before listing a potential item is the market price—How much is it going for on Amazon? With this app you can scan any potential item you might be interested in and find out what it’s selling for. Within seconds you’ll know if you can make a profit on it or not, helping FBA sellers save time, energy, and money. Sellers can easily point to an item and Amazon Flow will overlay that image with pricing, availability, review, and media content directly over the item in view. Finding products to sell with Amazon By Fulfillment has never been so easy!

Here is a quick video of just how FAST Amazon FLOW is for image recognition of products. FLOW is available for iPhone, iPad, and Android


Available as a free download: