December 4, 2012—With the growing number of buyers and sellers joining up for eBay’s marketplace, it’s no surprise eBay is testing out new safety precautions. In a message posted on eBay UK’s Announcement Board earlier this week, eBay informed users they were currently testing a new design for its sign-in page. “Starting from 3 December, we will be testing a new design for the eBay sing-in page,” eBay UK’s Announcement board read.

Although eBay UK did not clarify exactly what they were testing, it seems eBay may be trying to test whether messaging about its Buyer Protection program increases registration conversions. When compared to other sign-in pages for eBay sites, eBay UK shows a major difference as they feature a very noticeable message (“You’re in safe hands when you shop on eBay”) to promote their Buyer Protection program.

Despite a television advertising campaign in the U.S., eBay’s overall growth with global active users has remained flat at 6%. However, in October eBay announced their active user growth had continued to accelerate in the third quarter, reaching 10% and eBay’s fastest growth since 2007

When asked about the sign-in page design, eBay responded by saying, “The page reflects a more modern design and incorporates our new logo. Depending on how the test goes and community reactions, we may decide to make this a permanent change.”

What do you think of eBay testing out new sign-in pages? Do you feel secure shopping or selling on eBay?