September 28, 2012—We all know is the largest marketplace online. Consumers can buy virtually anything on the e-commerce giant and the list of products they carry just keeps growing.  For years Amazon outlawed the sale of alcohol on their site but this year, during the holidays, things just might change.

You may remember back in 2009 when Amazon unsuccessfully partnered with New Vine Logistics to sell wine online. The partnership and idea ended up imploding when investor pulled out at the last second.

According to an inside source, Amazon is toying with the idea of selling wine direct to consumers online. Earlier this year around 100 Napa and Sonoma County wineries were invited to a workshop hosted by about the possibility of an Amazon Wine Marketplace. Although those who attended the event were required to sign a non-disclosure agreement, anonymous resources were able to divulge the details.

How it would work: To join, wineries would be charged a reoccurring $39.99 a month fee and 15% commission on all wine sales. Even though wouldn’t actually carry any inventory, they would work solely as a marketing and processing engine giving wineries instant exposure to the millions of visitors their site attracts a day.

While the sale and distribution of alcohol online is extremely tricky due to different laws in every state, looks to launch their Wine Marketplace before the Holidays. Reports suggest the launch could even be as soon as next month.