Everyone and their mother has heard of someone being scammed online. Whether it’s a Nigerian email asking you to deposit a check or a fake email representing Amazon.com, crooks are getting smarter and smarter how they swindle and rip people off. They even have a variety of scams for Amazon sellers to trick them into sending goods without payment! Although it’s impossible to foresee every possibility, educating yourself with these 3 tips could help prevent YOU from being scammed as an online seller.

Return policy in your seller’s profile

Many times after receiving an item, buyers will report their order was either misrepresented as “New” or “damaged” and request a full refund using Amazon’s A-Z guarantee. First thing to do after reading this list is update your seller’s profile and clearly state your return policy and describe any measures you will perform before  returning an item. Normally Amazon will refund the order right away, giving the buyer full-credit, but if you have certain criteria for returns or believe you are being scammed, contacting “Seller Help” can be very beneficial. Don’t get duped into returning fake or counterfeit item. Go with your gut and ask to have the item returned for your inspection. Notify “Seller Help” right away if you believe you are being scammed.

Document everything

A picture is worth a thousand words, and now it can even save you money as a seller. By documenting products before they’re packaged and sold, the risk of counterfeit returns is less likely because you have physical proof. Serial numbers, special markings, and before and after pictures can help when buyers start making odd returns. Like we said before, contacting “Seller Help” during these transactions will help build a solid case in your favor. Also, use Amazon’s form of communication. They can track and monitor communication between buyer and sellers that your normal email cannot. The more physical evidence you have, the better you are to prove the returns are bogus.

If possible, wait 24 hours before shipping

We know, we know–you’re suppose to send orders as soon as possible but  procrastinating at least 24 hours can save you the hassle and loss on many returns. Keeping your Seller rating high is important but waiting to ship orders until payment is received or cleared can also prevent you from losing money.  First, make sure to purchase confirmation when shipping orders. Not only is it one of the most important ways of preventing scam returns, but confirmation protects seller by informing the package was received. Many scams start out with, “I never received my order,”which you can potentially eliminate by purchasing confirmation and tracking the order.

Updating yourself on recent scams and phishing emails can prevent them from happening to you. Stay educated and always go with your gut. For more information visit AmazonGenius.com or visit our facebook and twitter page for constant updates and tidbits.

FYI:Don’t ever give your Social Security number, tax identification numbers or other personal  information to Amazon during a transaction. Amazon will never ask for it. They also won’t ask customers to confirm account information by email links.