November 20, 2012—If Facebook and Pinterest had a baby, it would be Amazon Pages. Although Amazon hasn’t officially announced it, the marketplace behemoth has slowly started allowing third-party sellers to set up their own custom business pages on its marketplace. Amazon Pages, the newest feature from, comes complete with branded URLs, analytics and social-media integration to assist merchants better develop their online business using the marketplace.

Amazon Pages takes the best features from Facebook and Pinterest, and combines them into an Amazon merchandising design. Third-party sellers can choose from three different customizable storefront templates: All Products, Posts With Merchandising and Posts Only. The first two include a merchandising widget that allows brands to display products with an “Add to Cart” button or links to a particular product. Additional elements of Amazon Pages include marketing tools like Amazon Analytics, which measures the volume of traffic going to your page.

The top of an Amazon Page looks much like Facebook’s Timeline and the bottom feed looks very similar to Pinterest. Like any other social-media outlet, Amazon Pages lets brands act as publishers, posting images, content and product links. Similar to Twitter, posts are limited to 140 characters and can be cross-published to a brand’s Facebook page but not Twitter feed.

FAQs about Amazon Pages can be found here. A PDF guide to setting up Amazon Pages can be downloaded here.