November 6, 2012–This is the time of year Amazon sellers are licking their chops. With Black Friday right around the corner and the holidays quickly approaching, this is the most lucrative time to be an Amazon seller. But Black Friday alone won’t garner you sales—You’ve got to know what you’re doing and do it well. Although everyone has their own method of preparing for this shopping bonanza, we at AmazonGenius have compiled a list of Black Friday tips every Amazon seller should utilize.

5.) Amazon Deals/Add-ons The first tip on the list for Black Friday is employing deals whenever possible. Although doesn’t offer sellers many options to create their own deals for the holidays, they do have one program that could significantly help sellers. Amazon’s “Add-on” program allows customers to add low-cost items to their shopping cart in order to qualify for free shipping. This is great for sellers as customers must buy more products to qualify for this offer. Normally Amazon contacts sellers directly with this opportunity but it doesn’t hurt to reach out and request permission for this program

4.) Social-Media Whether you like it or not, social-media plays a central part in online sales. Sure you can sell without it but using social-media on Black Friday can be the difference between a few sales or selling out your entire inventory! Sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest are great sources of promoting products and getting people to your Amazon storefront. Pinterest, for example, allows users to pin photos with links to desire URLs. We recommend pinning all of your Amazon products to Pinterest with links directing viewers back to your storefront. Get a jump on the competition and start using social-media to your benefit!

3.) Repricing Just like in the housing market when sellers say “Location, location, location”, Amazon sellers say “Price, Price, Price.” Correctly pricing products is one of the most important and vital steps to successfully selling products on Amazon. Having the lowest price is crucial with Amazon because it boost sales by highlighting your storefront in a big blue and yellow box called “The Amazon Buy Box.” This box is the gateway to sales and money and every seller should use it to their advantage. Make sure to update and keep your entire product pricing competitive before the start of Black Friday to increase your chances of sales.

2.) Email Blast Email blasts can either help your business or drown it. While no one likes receiving junk mail, many sellers have refined the age-old concept of email blasts to use it to their advantage. Although Amazon encrypts email addresses so buyers and sellers cannot identify direct email addresses, there are ways around this. If you’re a pro merchant on Amazon you can retrieve the encrypted email addresses of buyers via your Order Report. Power sellers know email blasts can not only promote products and availability, but promote your storefront and customer service ability. We recommend short, quick emails that inform customers of not only your storefront, but your newest arrivals, promotions, or price cuts.

1.) FBA-Stock Inventory Because Fulfillment By Amazon offers so many advantages to sellers, it’s become our crown jewel and #1 Tip for Black Friday. First off, if you’re not using FBA during the holidays stop what you’re doing and sign up. Amazon’s FBA program offers sellers the opportunity to bypass packaging and shipping orders by having sellers ship their products directly to Amazon. When an item sells, Amazon quickly packages and ships it off to your customer. Also, using FBA allows your products to qualify for shipping rewards like Super-Saver Shipping and Amazon Prime, which allows customers to receive their purchase with little to no shipping cost. Nothing says “Buy Me” more than free 2-day shipping.