October 8th, 2012— Being a marketplace seller is a full-time, CEO, boss man job. You have to constantly be on your toes, ready at
the tip of a hat for emails, orders, refunds, and anything that comes your way. Many serious marketplace sellers have hundreds of thousands of items listed and sold each and every day requiring a lot of time, energy, and oversight. Although sellers have many useful and profitable tools at their disposable like automated inventory synchronization and intelligent repricing software, more and more marketplace sellers are turning to their smartphones? Believe it or not, the trend of people using their phones to make online purchases is quickly rising. So much in fact, 86 million people used their smartphone to shop on Amazon.com just during the month of July. While more people turn to their phones to browse and make purchases, many sellers are using it to benefit from–Just last week eBay hit a mobile commerce milestone with 100 million items listed via smartphones. With the increase in mobile commerce, more and more apps are becoming readily available to help users list and sell products on amazon with ease. Here are 4 Apps that can help sellers today.

eBay, eBid, Amazon, Half, PayPal Auction Calculator (Amazon Fee Calculator)

Great app to quickly calculate fees and find out how much you’re making! This auction calculator app works with 4 different marketplaces (Amazon, eBay, eBid, Half.com) to calculate fees for listing upgrades, categories, and auction types.  Before listing an item find out how much in fees you’ll be paying from item weight, item cost, and item shipping. You can even use it to locate the minimum price needed to sell an item in order to make your expected profit. Amazon Fee Calculator app works for individual and professional accounts for all categories and all shipping types. With Amazon Fee Calculator, you’ll know exactly what kind of profit you’re making on every single item.

Price: $3.99

Maker: logicworks


Amazon Price Check

While this app may not shout SELLER TOOL, it is in fact very beneficial for sellers by comparing prices. With Amazon Price Check you
can scan items virtually from anywhere and compare  retail prices with prices from Amazon. Search products by scanning a barcode, snapping a picture, or typing the product’s name in. You can even use the voice recognition method by simply saying the product name out loud into your phone. Amazon Price Check is compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 devices, and camera-enabled iPod touch devices running iOS4 or greater.

Price: Free

Maker: AMZN Mobile LLC


Amazon Flow

One of the most exciting and innovative apps available for Amazon sellers. The Amazon Flow app uses scan technology to automatically recognize product items while using augmented reality to overlay product information in almost futuristic fashion. Even items not  recognized can be identified by quickly scanning the product’s barcode to reveil it’s information. Product information includes prices, reviews, seller names and Prime shipping eligibility. This app allows users to move freely from product to product scanning while information on each is automatically updated and stored. Flow’s history feature even gives sellers extended access to all scanned items, sorted by product category, date, item name, and scan location.

Price: Free

Maker: A9 Innovations


Sell on Amazon

The Must-Have app for Amazon sellers. Sell on Amazon lets users list and sell items easily from their mobile phones on Amazon.com. To start, scan the product barcode and let the app automatically find the product through Amazon’s database and display it’s designated image and description. The app will then display the lowest available price and give the user the option to price their item at their discretion. You can also set the shipping price as well as set the condition of your product. Although product listing modifications cannot be performed with this app, all users with an Amazon sellers account can access this app. Sell on Amazon is a crucial app for Amazon sellers on the go that  need constant access to their seller’s account. Don’t leave home without it!

Price: $0.99

Maker: Flixoft, Inc